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A Marijuana Cultivation Course Will Soon Be Offered at This College

Medical marijuana production facilityMedical marijuana production facility
Feeding tubes and wiring surround the plants in the high tech facility in Toronto, Canada on October 16, 2015.Richard Lautens — Toronto Star via Getty Images

Medical marijuana is fairly widespread in North America at this point, and recreational marijuana seems to be following.

Cannabis-related businesses are continuing to pop up and others are looking towards expansion, so one school has decided to start training students in that field before they enter the workforce. Fox News reports that Canada’s College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick is planning to launch a course in marijuana cultivation sometime in 2017.

Medical marijuana is currently legal in the country, and the government is expected to introduce legislation to legalize recreational marijuana by this coming spring. New Brunswick has recently invested $4 million Canadian dollars, or just over $3 million U.S. dollars, in a regional medical marijuana company that is expected to create 208 jobs.

“This is not a mainstream program,” Michel Doucet, executive director of continuing education and customized learning, told Fox News. “We’re looking at training qualified employees to meet the needs of industry, versus training students at large.”

The details are still being worked out. Everything is still up for discussion, from the size of the class to whether or not it will be offered as a full diploma program.