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Mike Pence: ‘Trump and I Are Both Going to Release Our Tax Returns’

September 4, 2016

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Holds Press ConferenceIndiana Gov. Mike Pence Holds Press Conference
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence speaks during a press conference March 31, 2015 at the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis, Indiana. Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

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Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said he will release his tax returns in the next week, and that running mate Donald Trump will release his after an IRS audit of them is complete.

“Donald Trump and I are both going to release our tax returns. I’ll release mine in the next week,” the Indiana governor said in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns has become a controversy in the presidential campaign. The Republican presidential nominee has said that several years of his tax returns are under an IRS audit and that he won’t release them until the audit is over, which his campaign expects to end sometime after the November 8 election.

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Pence maintained the audit is why Trump has not released his tax returns, though the IRS has said the candidate is free to release them despite the audit.

“Donald Trump will be releasing his tax returns at the completion of an audit,” he said during the interview.