The Hot New Day Of the Week to Get Married That’s Saving Couples Lots of Money

August 25, 2016, 2:10 PM UTC
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Manuel Orero Galan Getty Images

This piece originally appeared on Essence.

We all know weddings can be expensive, but one way couples are cutting cost is by moving their ceremonies to Thursday.

Couples have been known to save least 20% on photography and around 40% on flowers by moving their wedding date.

Booking a venue for a Thursday is 17% cheaper on average than hosting a Saturday night affair, according to Tina Hoang-To, CEO and co-founder of Wedding Spot, a wedding venue marketplace.

The traditional weekend wedding is accommodating for guests to attend, but it’s not accommodating on your pockets.

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According to The Knot, nearly 6% of couples got married on Thursday last year compared to 4.3% in 2014.

Moving weddings to Thursdays now allows couples to keep some of their wedding wish-list intact without having to cut out things that they want.

Saturdays are still the most popular day to get married followed by Friday and Sunday, but depending on the city Thursdays are attracting more couples.

New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles are seeing a bump in couples get hitched on Thursdays and that’s due to the expenses involved with hosting a wedding in those cities. In Manhattan alone, the average wedding costs more than $82,000.

Not only can you cut costs, but the planning may be less stressful due to the availability of venues, catering and other vendors on your dream list.

Thursdays just might the next best thing!