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This Drone Company Just Got $20 Million to Make Maps Way Better

DroneDeploy, a startup that provides cloud-based software that converts drone data into detailed aerial maps and 3D images for business use, now has $20 million in Series B funding from Scale Venture Partners with High Alpha Capital, the venture capital firm led by ExactTarget founder Scott Dorsey.

That brings total funding for the San Francisco-based company to about $31 million. Last year, DroneDeploy closed a $9 million Series A round lead by Emergence Capital.

As part of this round, Rory O’Driscoll, who is on the board of Box (BOX) and DocuSign (DOCUSIGN), is joining DroneDeploy’s board as well.

The news comes at a time when drone use by consumers and businesses is exploding (or poised to explode). This month, new rules approved by the Federal Aviation Administration in June are going into effect.

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These regulations address the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles, limiting flights to daylight hours and altitudes to 400 feet. And drone operators must pass tests to qualify for certification.

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DroneDeply, founded three years ago, said its tools have been used to map more than 5 million acres of terrain worldwide.The data collected has doubled every four months during that time.

Drones are useful for inspecting buildings, monitoring farm and ranch acreage, and security surveillance. But misuse of drones worries privacy and public safety advocates.