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Delta CEO Apologizes to Fliers for Massive Outage

After Delta Outage in CanadaAfter Delta Outage in Canada
Passengers wait for updates from Delta airline employees.Photo by Giordano Ciampini—Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Delta Air Lines continues to investigate the cause of a power outage on Monday that left planes grounded and thousands of fliers stranded. In the aftermath, the airline’s CEO wants its customers to know that this is an isolated incident.

“This isn’t who we are. This isn’t the quality of service and the reliability you’ve come to expect from Delta Air Lines,” CEO Ed Bastian said in a video to customers on Tuesday, apologizing for the unfortunate event.

In the incident, the company’s system crashed and failed to reboot as seamlessly as it should have. As a result, more than 2,100 flights were canceled in the course of three days.

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Bastian told the Wall Street Journal that he expects the airline “to be fully back” by Thursday. According to a company update on Thursday morning, 25 flights have already been canceled. Some cancellations are a direct result of the ongoing recovery while others are unrelated and have been explained by bad weather.

“It’s not clear the priorities in our investment have been in the right place,” Bastian told the Journal. “It has caused us to ask a lot of questions which candidly we don’t have a lot of answers for.”

Bastian added that in recent years the company has put “hundreds of millions” into technology infrastructure, with $150 million going into upgrades and systems just this year.

For fliers who were delayed by at least three hours, Delta (DAL) is offering vouchers in the amount of $200 to compensate for the inconvenience.

Delta could not immediately be reached for comment.