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How to Have a Single, Spectacular Day in Miami

The skyline of Miami, Florida is shown iThe skyline of Miami, Florida is shown i
The skyline of Miami, FloridaPhotograph by Roberto Schmidt — AFP/Getty Images

We asked D’Michael Haas, concierge of the iconic Delano in South Beach, to plan a single, spectacular day in Miami …

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1. Poolside bungalow at the Delano

Start the day in your poolside bungalow at the Delano. There’s no time to lose, so breakfast and your personal stylist arrive simultaneously to outfit you for a night on the town; your selections will be tailored and hanging in your room later that day.

Delano Boutique Hotel, South Beach, MiamiCourtesy of Delano Hotel

2. Visit to a private key

Then a Lamborghini Aventador will take you to the tarmac to catch a Eurocopter to a private key for swimming, paddleboarding, jet-skiing, and lunch.

. Parco Valentino car show Side view of Lamborghini AventadorPacific Press—LightRocket via Getty Images

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3. Night-vision gear at the Everglades

Next you’ll head to the Everglades to catch the sunset from a custom airboat equipped with night-vision gear so you can also see some of Miami’s other creatures as night falls.

Great Egret, Florida Everglades, USA Great Egret in wetlands swamp in the Florida EvergladesTim Graham—Getty Images

4. VIP entry at LIV nightclub

Then back to the hotel, where your wardrobe will be ready along with a hair and makeup stylist. After dinner at one of Miami’s hotspots and VIP entry at LIV, an on-call Escalade will bring you home. Or maybe to the airport for a private jet to Havana?

LIV nightclub in MiamiCourtesy of LIV

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