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Anti-Trump Forces Fail, But GOP Splinter Still Shows

A Trump/Pence poster appears over the convention floor.Dominick Reuter — AFP/Getty Images

The struggle by a faction within the Republican Party to ditch Donald Trump as the party’s presidential nominee continues in Cleveland, despite the failure on Monday to bring a full roll call vote on changing the party’s nominating rules.

Petitions from a minimum of seven state delegations were required to bring a roll call vote on the matter. While the Secretary of the Convention originally received petitions from nine states, three of them later recanted, leaving only six.

A normal voice vote was held, with several delegates erupting into chants of “Roll call! Roll call!” amid booing from the crowd.

Though the effort to have a roll call on the GOP’s nominating rules vote failed, it offered a startling sign of the division within the Republican Party. On a day when the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee wanted to begin to unify the party around Trump, the messy scene made clear that such a reunion was not in the cards.

One Monday evening, the #NeverTrump organization published a statement in response to the day’s events on Twitter: