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School Lunchrooms Stung By Sandwich Recall

Group of kids (12-14) holding trays on lunch lineGroup of kids (12-14) holding trays on lunch line
Group of kids holding trays on lunch line.Yellow Dog Productions/Getty Images

A California-based food distributor has enacted a recall of ready-to-eat sandwiches that had been distributed to schools and foodservice distributors across the U.S., pulling the products because of worries of Listeria contamination.

In a recall that was triggered by a routine Food and Drug Administration sampling which found Listeria on multiple food contact surfaces where the food items were produced. The company, called Integrated Food Service, says it is working with the FDA and independent food safety experts to determine the root cause.

Importantly, no illnesses have been reported.

Integrated Food Service, also known as Let’s Do Lunch Inc., also outlined in a separate press statement which schools had received the project tied to the recall that were sold directly by the company – and not from foodservice distributors. Schools from California, Texas and 12 other states were on that list. The foodservice distributors, meanwhile, were located in 29 states. No retail products were affected by the Integrated Food Service recall.

Due to the fact that many schools are in summer session, the company is recommending that districts use this lull time to send any food in frozen storage that is subjected to the recall gets sent back to Integrated Food Service.