The Broadsheet: June 10th

June 10, 2016, 11:47 AM UTC

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! We learn how one female CEO went from a Wisconsin dairy farm to the Fortune 500, Celine Dion wants to sell you stuff, and, well, lots and lots of political news. Get used to it, folks—November is still five months away. Have a wonderful weekend.


 Meet Mary. Mary Laschinger is the CEO of Veritiv and one of just two female chiefs to join the Fortune 500 this year. She guided the packing and printing supply company through its chaotic birth (the company was spun off, merged, and went public in one 24-hour period) and is growing it at a rapid clip. Laschinger is also a refreshing break from the cliché of the buttoned-up, Ivy League CEO: She grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, packs a pistol and didn't start college until she was 21. Welcome to the F500, Mary!  Fortune


 The Clinton club. Hillary Clinton picked up a couple of important—if not terribly surprising—endorsements yesterday. First came President Obama, who released an endorsement video on the heels of his White House meeting with Bernie Sanders, who denounced Donald Trump but didn't go so far to endorse Clinton. Finally, Sen. Elizabeth Warren—who was the only female Democratic Senator not yet officially backing Clinton—gave the former Secretary of State the nod, simultaneously ripping Trump.

 Living history. The pundits continue to unpack the nation's reaction to Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman to be the presidential nominee of a major party. In Time, Charlotte Alter writes that Clinton's achievement doesn't necessarily "feel like history" because she's already accomplished so much, and been consistently undervalued along the way. The New York Times, meanwhile, considers the divide between those who are celebrating her success and those who feel "discomfort that this next step forward in our national story was unfolding with this particular woman."

 Her line will go on and on. Just when you thought we'd hit peak celeb lifestyle brand: Celine Dion announced she is launching a line of clothing, makeup, housewares and more. The first items are expected to go on sale in fall of next year. Fortune

 Call your sponsor. Despite Maria Sharapova's 2-year ban from tennis, several of her sponsors—including Nike and Evian—say they will stick with her. Sharapova says she plans to appeal, which is a smart financial move. According to calculations by Yahoo's Dan Roberts, she stands to lose more than $8 million in on-court winnings and a least $10 million in endorsements if the ban stands.

 Technically fashionable. Speaking at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, designer Rebecca Minkoff talked about her strategy for incorporating tech into her $100 million fashion brand. It's not "tech for tech's sake," she says. “Our approach is identifying the consumer’s pain points and solving a problem.”  Fortune

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Peggy Smyth, U.S. CFO for National Grid, was named to Etsy’s board. With her election, the company's board is now half female. 


 The "noes" have it. An update on the Restaurant Brands International story we flagged yesterday: The company's shareholders rejected a proposal that would require a plan to add women to the Burger King parent's all-male board. Unfortunate, but not surprising. Bloomberg

 Women at the White House. White House advisor Valerie Jarrett previews the first-ever United State of Women Summit, which is taking place next week. Refinery29

 A long time coming. Why exactly has it taken the U.S. so long to have a viable female presidential nominee, especially when you consider how many other nations have already put women into the top job? Vox identifies four big reasons. Vox

 Manly marketing. Men's yogurt? Women's pens? Check out 12 ridiculous products that are being marketed to one gender for no apparent reason. Money

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