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Drone Strikes Take Center Stage in Clinton E-Mail Probe

June 10, 2016, 2:53 PM UTC
US secretary of state Hillary Clinton (C
Photograph by AFP AFP/Getty Images

The Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal that just won’t die has taken another turn — a new report says that some of the e-mails involved in the probe into how Clinton handled her e-mail when Secretary of State involved drone strikes in Pakistan.

The e-mails were between diplomats in Pakistan with their bosses in Washington, according to the Wall Street Journal. They were sent in 2011 and 2012 via the “low side,” a government slang term for a system designed for unclassified matters. They were about whether the State Department should have more of a role in determining whether or not CIA drone strikes in the region should be carried out.

Some of the e-mails were then sent to Clinton on her personal e-mail account, which she famously kept on a private served in her home in New York. The Journal notes that investigators have noted that the Clinton home server may have been less secure than the State Department system.


Notes sent on the “low side” were generally more vague and informal than ones sent over more secure systems.

“If these officials’ descriptions are true, these emails were originated by career diplomats, and the sending of these types of emails was widespread within the government,” said a Clinton spokesman to the Journal. Requests for comment from Fortune were not immediately returned.

Despite all-but-wrapping-up the Democratic nomination this week, the e-mail scandal remains somewhat of a weight on her campaign. Though she has said it won’t happen, the possibility remains of her being indicted by the FBI.