The Broadsheet: June 9th

June 9, 2016, 12:07 PM UTC

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Burger King is a boys club, Maria Sharapova gets banned, and Arianna Huffington brews a new business. Have a fantastic Thursday.


 Junk food, junk policies. Burger King parent Restaurant Brands International (RBI) is being pressured to add women to its all-male board by Fred Pinto, head of Vancouver-based investment firm OceanRock Investments. Pinto is planning to use today's annual meeting to push fellow RBI shareholders to adopt a plan for adding female directors. The company, meanwhile, says that such a pledge to would hamper its "flexibility to select the best candidates."

Bloomberg's Jeff Green and Leslie Patton do an excellent job of dismantling this tired excuse, noting that 81% of Restaurant Brands’ peers have at least one woman on the board. As I've noted before, the misconception that there aren't enough qualified women is all about perspective. Many men believe it to be true because most of their professional networks consist of (usually old, white) men. Kudos to Pinto for pushing the issue—and here's hoping that the upcoming generation doesn't fall into the same short-sighted trap as their elders.  Bloomberg


 Uh, is there another CFO? When an Alphabet shareholder referred to Ruth Porat as “the lady CFO," the company's other top execs reacted by laughing nervously and shifting in their seats. It wasn't until a few questions later that shareholder Danielle Ginach of Sonen Capital, put things right, saying, "I am sorry to put another shareholder on the spot. But Ms. Porat is the CFO, not the lady CFO." Bravo, Danielle! Fortune

 This is your career on drugs. The International Tennis Foundation announced that Maria Sharapova has received a two-year ban for her doping violation. Sharapova says she will appeal. Sports Illustrated

 Going for the GOP. Now that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president, her campaign is assembling a formal effort to recruit and feature prominent Republican endorsers—though it's unclear whether it will actually convince anyone to sign on. Fortune

 Pack extra Off. While some female U.S. athletes, such as soccer star Hope Solo, have expressed anxiety about participating in the Olympics due to the Zika outbreak, you'll notice that not one has dropped out. There's a simple reason for that: money. For many female competitors, the Games are their only chance to win big sponsorships. Fortune

 Arianna's new dream. You knew the whole sleep thing was headed somewhere, right? Arianna Huffington is reportedly poised to launch Thrive, a media startup focused on health and wellness. The new company, whose backers include Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma, is expected to provide lifestyle content from celebrities and bloggers, plus wellness consulting services for companies. Bloomberg

 Cali showdown. Looks like the Dem vs. Dem race is on in California: State AG Kamala Harris and U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez shut out their GOP rivals and will face off against one another for Sen. Barbara Boxer's old seat. WSJ

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Coach CFO Jane Hamilton Nielsen will be taking on the same role at Ralph Lauren starting September.


 Presidential precedent. Noting that Hillary Clinton's milestone owes much to the women who came before here, Time's Jay Newton-Small writes about a few of the 35-some women who have run for president since Victoria Woodhull announced her groundbreaking candidacy in 1870. Time

 Form+function. Argent, founded by Sali Christeson, is a clothing brand dedicated to making functional work clothes for women. The company, which has raised $1.5 million in funding, creates items with special pockets for things like work IDs, credit cards, and phones. Fortune

 Tune in. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki talks about the future of TV, the reason she prioritizes growth over profits, and the ruthless efficiency of working moms. WSJ

 Tee'd off. Women being left out of work-related golf games went out of style with 3-martini lunches and men-only clubs, right? Not so much, writes Fairygodboss co-founder Romy Newman. Fortune

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