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This Popular Sitcom Home Is Now Up For Sale

The Painted Ladies, houses, San FranciscoThe Painted Ladies, houses, San Francisco
The Painted Ladies, San Francisco.Photo by DeAgostini—Getty Images

Ever wanted to live in a sitcom? Now’s your chance.

The house that was featured in the popular 80s television show “Full House” is currently up for sale. A Bay Area NBC affiliate reports that the property at 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco has been listed by real estate broker Vanguard Properties.

The three-bedroom Victorian home was built in 1883 by Charles Lewis Hinkel. It has been listed at $4.15 million which, according to Trulia’s estimates, is about 2.5 times more expensive than the median price for a three-bedroom house in San Francisco.

Full House For SalePhotograph by Eric Risberg — APThe three bedroom Victorian home, made famous by the television show “Full House” is now for sale at $4.15 million.

If you’re considering buying it, don’t expect the interior to look at all familiar. The inside of the home that you saw on television was just a stage set. Only the exterior of the listed house was featured in the show, during the introduction and between scenes, and it looks pretty different than it did 30 years ago. The white house with its iconic red door is gone; it has since been painted purple, and now has a white door.

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Additionally, the previous owners and their neighbors likely don’t see the house in such a positive light. As Fortune previously reported, the area has essentially been taken over by fans and tourists who overstep boundaries—literally. A quick search on Instagram shows groups of people flocking to the home. Some of them even push past the gate, a fixture generally used to differentiate between public and private property, to take pictures in front of the now unrecognizable door.

If you can get past all of that, as Vanguard Properties says, this is a “unique opportunity to own a rare piece of San Francisco history.”