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A Gluttonous Look at 8 of the Most Expensive Burgers Ever


To celebrate National Hamburger Day—Saturday, May 28—we’ve gathered an assemblage of some of the wildest, glitziest, most over-the-top burger creations in history. Rather than your typical humble blue-collar hamburger, these burgers might be topped in caviar and foie gras, be large enough to feed hundreds of people, or cost about as much as a decent used car. But hey, as far as we know, at least none of them charge extra for adding cheese.

$777 Burger at Paris Las VegasBrasserie in Paris Las Vegas, Nevada. . Consisting of Kobe Beef and fresh Maine Lobster, caramelized onions, imported brie cheese, prosciutto, 100 year aged balsamic vinegar - served with a bottle of Rose Dom Perignon champagne.—Newscom

If ever there was a destination where crazy expensive burgers are par for the course, it’s glittery, indulgent Las Vegas. Le Burger Brasserie inside the Paris Las Vegas Casino doesn’t disappoint with the 777 Burger: Kobe beef and Maine lobster, served with imported brie cheese, carmelized onions, crispy pancetta, and a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne on the side. The price, naturally, is $777.

$1,770 Glamburger at Honky Tonk

  • 160528_GAL_Burger_GlamBurger
    courtesy Honky Tonk
    The original Glamburger at the American-themed Honky Tonk in London was released in 2014 and priced at an astounding £1,110 (around $1,770 back then). Nowadays the closest customers can get is the Mini Glam Burger, consisting of a half-pound patty served with brie, truffle oil, half a golden egg, and a golden-leaf sprinkled bun, which is priced at the relative bargain rate of £24.95 (about $37).

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    $16 Wendy’s Lobster & Caviar Burger

    This picture shows the Lobster and Caviar burger featuring Canadian lobster and contains whole lobster pieces as well as a lobster salad made with a mustard mayonnaise as well as a sprinkle of caviar produced by Wendy's Japan as part of the campany's opening of their second restaurant in Roppongi, Tokyo on August 17, 2012. Wendy's Japan introduced two new burgers to their Japan Premium line of burgers which features fancy ingredients.
    Kazuhiro Nogi—AFP/Getty Images
    Though it’s not priced in the same stratosphere as the other over-the-top burgers on our list, a pair of very special burgers from Wendy’s stand out because they were available from a true fast-food chain–and they weren’t released as a publicity stunt (not totally, anyway). Wendy’s locations in Japan took a turn upscale a few years ago with the addition of deluxe burgers topped in a choice of lobster and caviar or foie gras and truffle sauce. Each sold for the equivalent of around $16—which would get you 16 items in Wendy’s 4 for $4 deal available now in the U.S.

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    $666 “Douche Burger”

    WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE BURGERS The burger has come along way from its fast food origins. The basic ground-meat-patty-sandwiched-between-sliced-bread-roll of the diners and stands has evolved into genuine gourmet fare. Culinary works of gastronomic excellence and astronomic prices. These are the most expensive burgers in the world. The $666 '666 'Douche Burger' from New York City, New York. A foie gras-stuffed Kobe patty topped with gruyere cheese melted with champagne steam, lobster, truffles, caviar, and a BBQ sauce made with Kopi Luwak coffee beans.—Newscom
    All of the burgers presented here are pretty much obnoxious and absurd, but at least the Douche Burger from the 666 Burger food truck in New York City was self-aware. In 2012, the truck (which is no longer in business) added a new item to its normal menu of $6.66 burgers billed as “so delicious they’re evil.” Described colorfully as “a f***ing burger filled and topped with rich people s***” by the 666 Burger truck’s owner, the Douche Burger consisted of caviar, lobster, foie gras, and Himalayan rock salt piled on top of a Kobe beef patty—all wrapped in three greasy $100 bills.

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    $139 “Bling Burger” at Burger King

    Director of New Product Development and innovation Mark Dowding poses with the world's most expensive burger at the Gloucester road Burger King on June 18, 2008 in London, England.The Burger contains Wagyu Beef, White Truffle, Iranian Saffron & white truffle dusted bun, Pata Negra Slices, Cristal Champagne onion Straws, 25 year old Balsamic vinegar, Lambs lettuce, Pink Himalayan rock salt, Hollandaise shallot mayonnaise and costs 95 GBP.
    Gareth Davies—Getty Images
    The “Bling Burger,” as it was nicknamed, was introduced by Burger King in the UK in the summer 2008. Priced at £95 (about $139 today), the creation formally known as simply The Burger was prepared in Cristal champagne, served with white truffles, and was ahead of the curve in terms of beating other restaurants to the gimmicky, glitzy burger market. Alas, though, the timing wasn’t altogether great, as it was released on the cusp of the Great Recession.

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    $295 Le Burger Extravagant at Serendipity 3

    WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE BURGERS The burger has come along way from its fast food origins. The basic ground-meat-patty-sandwiched-between-sliced-bread-roll of the diners and stands has evolved into genuine gourmet fare. Culinary works of gastronomic excellence and astronomic prices. These are the most expensive burgers in the world. The $295 Serendipity Burger from Serendipity 3 in New York City, New York. Consisting of Japanese Waygu beef infused with ten herb white truffle butter, seasoned with Salish Alderwood smoked Pacific sea salt, topped with cheddar cheese hand-formed by James Montgomery in Somerset, England, and cave-aged for 18 month shaved black truffles, a fried quail egg. Served on a white truffle-buttered Campagna Roll - itself, topped with a blini, creme fraiche, and Paramout Caviar's exclusive Kaluga caviar. Comes with a diamond-encrusted, solid gold toothpick.—Newscom
    For a brief period in 2012, New York City’s Serendipity 3 held the title of Most Expensive Hamburger according to Guinness World Records. “Made from white truffle butter-infused Japanese Wagyu beef, the burger is topped with James Montgomery cheddar cheese, black truffles and a fried quail egg,” the Guinness entry explained. “It is served on a gold-dusted campagna roll spread with white truffle butter, and the roll is topped with a blini, creme fraiche and caviar.” The $295 Le Burger Extravagant is not on the Serendipity 3 menu today, but customers hoping to indulge in record-setting fashion can order the Golden Opulence Sundae, which is priced at $1,000 and holds the title for world’s most expensive ice cream sundae.
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    $1,000 World’s Largest Burger at Mallie’s

    BURGER EATING THAT! Now that's what you call a whopper... This huge hamburger, cooked up by a US restaurant, weighs in at a gut-busting 13 stone. The record-breaking monster is topped with a dozen tomatoes, ten onions, more than 50 rashers of bacon, and a pound of sliced cheese. It took eight hours for chefs at Mallie's Sports Grill in Southgate, Michigan, to bake a bun big enough to hold the massive munch. But the effort was worth it ñ the supersize snack, priced at $499 (£333), now holds the record for the world's biggest burger.—Newscom
    The House Burger at Mallie’s in Southgate, Mich., costs a reasonable $6.99 during a Thursday special. But the true specialty of the house in Mallie’s seems to be making gargantuan, record-setting burgers, which have been featured in the Travel Channel program “Man V. Food.” The biggest burger Mallie’s has made (so far) weighs about 300 pounds, costs roughly $1,000, and will feed hundreds of people. Owner Steve Mallie says he wants to go much bigger, with plans for a 3,000-pound burger one day.

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    $5,000 FleurBurger at Fleur in Las Vegas

    Fleur Burger
    courtesy Fleur
    It’s back to Sin City for the FleurBurger 5000, introduced in 2011 at the Hubert Keller-run restaurant Fleur, inside Mandalay Bay Casino. In addition to the usual—Kobe beef, foie gras, lots of truffles—this burger came with a rare bottle of Petrus and diners got to keep the fancy Ichendorf Brunello glasses it was poured in. The $5,000 FleurBurger price tag would tie it with the Guinness World Record for most expensive hamburger, a title held by Juicys in Corvallis, Oregon. The main difference between the two is that the Juicys burger doesn’t come with a beverage—and at a whopping 777 pounds, it’ll feed quite a few more people than the FleurBurger.