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Jared Fliesler Leaving VC Firm Matrix Partners

Jared FlieslerJared Fliesler
Jared Fliesler

Jared Fliesler is stepping down as a general partner with venture capital firm Matrix Partners, Fortune has learned. He currently is in the process of transitioning his board seats to other Matrix partners, and then plans to seek out an operating position at a technology company.

Fliesler joined Matrix in 2013 at just 28 years-old, after stints at Square (SQ), where he was VP of user acquisition and biz ops, and Google (GOOG), which he joined after his prior company, Slide, was acquired.

According to the Matrix website, Fliesler currently sits on the boards of portfolio companies Joist, Locality and PayRange.

“My plan is to take some time to travel as I finish things and then go back into operating,” Fliesler wrote in an email. “The Matrix team is great and I’ve really enjoyed working with them over the last 3 years. At this point in my life (I’m only 31), I just realized I’d rather be operating – so that’s what I plan to do.”