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This Billionaire Was Extremely Upset He Couldn’t Get Into ‘Hamilton’

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Chris SaccaBloomberg via Getty Images

Silicon Valley billionaire Chris Sacca thought he was going to see Hamilton this weekend. He reportedly wasn’t happy when that turned out not to be the case.

Sacca, a noted venture capitalist and frequent guest on the TV show Shark Tank, bought tickets for the hit historical rap musical on StubHub, reports the New York Post. There was only one problem—they were counterfeits.

When Sacca was informed of this, the billionaire reportedly became extremely upset and started getting testy with the ticket-taker.

Update: Sacca disputes the Post’s account, saying:

“The guys who work at the door to the show that said this happens night after night. We didn’t have any combative interactions. Quite the opposite. I stood there and took pictures with everyone. It was exhausting particularly on a night when I just wanted to be celebrating my birthday. But there were a lot of good vibes around there. A bunch of the guys at the door were rooting for us to get in. So they called ticket broker buddies of theirs and anyone who might have some last minute tickets. No luck. But the whole thing was positive.”

Earlier: An anonymous Broadway theatre worker told the Post that Sacca even pulled out the classic of aggrieved semi-celebrities, asking the ticket taker “Do you know who I am?”

He also supposedly invoked his status as a “shark” on Shark Tank. He asked to see a manager, who told him the exact same thing.

According to Twitter, Sacca left and decided to see comedian Mike Birbiglia’s one man show Thank God For Jokes.

Sacca, for his part, responded on Twitter that he hadn’t thrown a “tantrum.”

StubHub told the Post that this was an issue of “seller error” and that the company had reached out to Sacca “to apologize and get him back to a show.”