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Fortune Live for May 12, 2016: Seventh Generation, ESPN’s Jessica Mendoza, and Facebook Censorship

We have a great lineup today for Fortune Live, our weekly business show hosted by Leigh Gallagher.

First, sales for big retailers are tanking… again. And, with Lending Club (LC) in trouble, is the fintech industry losing steam? Fortune’s Phil Wahba and Chris Matthews give us their takes.

Next, some of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women share which skills helped them the most in their careers to achieve success.

Then, John Replogle, CEO of Seventh Generation, sits down with Fortune’s Beth Kowitt to discuss the company’s health-conscious cleaning products. Beth then joins Leigh to take questions and comments from our Facebook Live audience.

And we’ve heard of some interesting business, but this one may take the cake: A dairy farmer is turning cow poop into power. We pay his herd a visit.

Next, Facebook (FB) is still on the defense for allegedly censoring conservative viewpoints and tampering with the site’s trending section. Fortune’s Andrew Nusca and Erin Griffith join Leigh to discuss the controversy and its implications.

And then, baseball season is in full swing, and ESPN just threw a winning curveball with its first-ever hire of a female analyst, Jessica Mendoza. Fortune’s Kristen Bellstrom sits down with Mendoza to discuss her new role.

We close the show with Leigh’s three things to watch for this upcoming week.

The full show and individual segments will be available to watch on demand after the show concludes. You can find them at