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The World’s Most Powerful Women: May 10

Good morning, WMPW readers! Ireland’s top female business leader says cancer changed her perspective, Martha Lane Fox is launching another startup, and three female entrepreneurs are taking Hong Kong’s restaurant scene by storm. Need to pass on some news about an exceptional woman? Get in touch, at: or @laurascohn. Enjoy your Tuesday!


A yank from cancer She says cancer gave her a “yank.” Siobhan Talbot, who heads Irish food and nutrition company Glanbia, says recovering from breast cancer changed her perspective and propelled her to the top of a global business. Often referred to as Ireland’s top female business leader, Talbot recalls that when she was offered the post of CEO, she didn’t hesitate to take it. While two women have been president of Ireland—and the top positions in the country’s justice and legal systems are occupied by women—females haven’t fared as well in the business world. Even so, Talbot is grounded about her success. “I often say I’m a woman and I’m a chief executive, but I’m not overly conscious of being a female chief executive, I must say,” she says. “I’m in my 24th year at Glanbia, and frankly it’s never been an issue.” Financial Times


Fox starts another startup
The number of female leaders in British tech is tiny. British internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox is trying to change that with her new startup, “Doteveryone,” which launches this week. Fox also founded
Times of London


Baftas do it better
Bafta chair Anne Morrison is proud of the diverse group her organization has recognized. She likes to tout a recent “Times of London” headline that says: “Black and White Baftas put Oscars to shame.” I can’t say I blame her.


Scared in South Africa
The leading anti-corruption official in South Africa has been warned she may be the target of hit men. Thuli Madonsela, who was on the “Time” 100 list in 2014, is famous for urging President Jacob Zuma to pay back the state funds he used for private matters.


Female foodies
Three young female entrepreneurs are taking Hong Kong’s eating and drinking scene by storm. Elizabeth Chu Yuet-han, Vivien Shek, and Victoria Chow have all recently opened their own restaurants or cocktail bars in the traditionally male-dominated business.
South China Morning Post


Oh, Ola
Ola, India’s Uber, can’t seem to get it right. First, it faced criticism for a sexist ad. Now, the company is in hot water because one of its drivers, since fired, was detained for allegedly molesting a female passenger.
Wall Street Journal


Snack attack
Pepsi, led by Indra Nooyi, one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, is trying to get snackers in India to eat more of its savory treats. Vani Gupta, a Pepsi marketing director, says the company is chasing “local palate preferences” for the first time.


Did Dilma Rousseff dodge a bullet?
Just call her teflon Dilma. The fate of embattled Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff plunged into confusion after the speaker of the lower house announced he was throwing out a crucial vote. The Senate was expected to decide this week whether to hold a political trial that could have led to her impeachment. It may still go ahead.

#GetOnTop of your, ahem, health
I thought National Women’s Health Week was about eating right and exercise. But Meika Hollender, who founded Sustain, the condom brand marketed at women, is using it to launch a clever campaign, “#GetOnTop,” with the hope of getting women to practice safe sex.
Fast Company


Writing smaller
Jane Smiley is working on a new genre. The famous novelist, who won the Pulitzer Prize for “A Thousand Acres,” has released “Twenty Yawns,” a picture book for children.
New York Times


This female investor backed Uber right away

Some powerful women were involved in the Panama Papers scandal

In commencement speech, Obama says Beyonce “runs the world”

Why Shopify’s Konval Matin created an internal wiki for her new hires
Financial Times

Do our superheroes have mommy issues?


Anyone who looks a bit like me, or feels like they don’t fit in: you are beautiful—embrace it. You are intelligent—embrace it. You are powerful—embrace it.
—Michaela Coel, who just won a Bafta award for best female in a comedy program