Some Companies Will Pay You to Pamper Yourself

May 4, 2016, 2:59 PM UTC

The perks some offices are offering their employees just keep getting better and better — some companies are now giving workers paid “me-time” days when they can get away from their troubles for a day.

At non-profit Waterford Research Institute LLC, for instance, staff get two “Ferris Bueler” days per year, according to the Wall Street Journal — named for the famous fictional Chicago teenager and his cinematic day off.

REI offers two “yay days” per year, where workers at the outdoor retail chain can get out and use their REI Gear to get in touch with nature.

Some experts say this is just an attempt to brand traditional personal days to seem cool.


“Really what we’re talking about is branding personal days,” says Bruce Elliott, of the Society for Human Resource Management to the Journal.

There are also companies like Wet Seal that don’t leave the fun to the employees, instead planning occasional company outings where the entire company forgets about work and does something fun for the day.

To see more examples (and maybe to get some ideas to pitch to your boss) head to the Wall Street Journal.