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The World’s Most Powerful Women: April 25

Good morning, WMPW readers! Women in Mexico are rallying others to stand up to sexual violence with a hashtag, a group of Libyan women is finding solace in yoga, and Hillary Clinton is weighing whether to have a female running mate. Got a tip for me? Get in touch, at: or @laurascohn. Have a great Monday!




Hashtag against assault A group of women in Mexico are rallying others to stand up to sexual violence in the country with the hashtag #NoTeCalles, which means “don’t stay silent.” Spearheaded by three victims—activist and politician Yakiri Rubio, independent journalist Andrea Noel, and university student Gabriela Nava—the group appears in a video urging women to report sexual violence. They argue that while there are 1,643 sexual assaults reported in Mexico every day, most instances aren’t relayed to the authorities. The campaign comes on the heels of other efforts, such as #NiUnaMenos, which means “not one less,” and #VivasNosQueremos, or “we want to live,” which have brought together female victims throughout Latin America. Vallarta Daily


Praising Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel won praise from U.S. President Barack Obama for facing what he called “very tough politics” in Europe’s immigration crisis. Thanks to common strategic interests, Merkel and Obama have forged a close alliance. Merkel will host Obama and other Group of Seven leaders today.


A design whisperer moves on
Why Romanian architect Anda Andrei, long known to influence the designs of hotelier Ian Schrager, struck out on her own: “I thought about it for a while and woke up one day and decided to just do it.”


Talk of devastation
Women who escaped Boko Haram in Nigeria told Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the UN, about their painful ordeals, including losing their parents to the militants, whippings, and rape. Power said the U.S. would not stand down until the thousands of women abducted by Boko Haram have been recovered.
New York Times


Yoga as an escape
A group of Libyan women is finding solace in yoga. “Yoga releases the pressure we live under,” a participant named Mawadda said. “Here I feel free.” Women living in Tripoli have faced tough times since dictator Muammar Gaddafi lost power five years ago.
Daily Star


Bending it like Beckham
Last December, Chan Yuen-ting shook up the world of soccer—or football, depending on where you live—when she became coach of Eastern, the leader of the Hong Kong Premier League. Well, she’s done it again. As Eastern was crowned the Hong Kong league champion, Chan became the first woman to lead a men’s soccer team to a top title. She says she went into coaching after watching David Beckham play.
South China Morning Post


Biotech poster girl
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, chairwoman of Indian biotech company Biocon, talks about becoming a poster girl for India’s biotech industry, and gender discrimination. “I have learnt that gender discrimination obliterates when you succeed and overcome credibility and perception hurdles,” she said. Sad but—in some instances—true.
Business Standard


Oh, Ola
Ola, India’s answer to Uber, pulled an advertisement after a Twitterstorm erupted and called the ad “extremely sexist.” In the ad, the company said its new ‘micro’ service is so cheap it pales in comparison to what a man has to dish out to have a girlfriend.
Business Standard


Hillary… and who?
Last week at WMPW, we mentioned the buzz that U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was considering whether to name a woman such as Senator Elizabeth Warren as a running mate. Well, other names have cropped up over the weekend. Among them: Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.
New York Times


Sorry, Thelma
Twenty-five years after the film “Thelma and Louise” raised hopes that things would get better for women in Hollywood, they still haven’t. New studies show that women have three times as many nude scenes as men and also have fewer lines. One example: 57% of the dialogue in “Frozen,” touted for celebrating sisterhood, is by male characters.
Washington Post


What happens next to Theranos is up to Elizabeth Holmes
New York Times

Hillary Clinton backs keeping Britain in the EU

Suu Kyi says diplomats can call her country Myanmar or Burma
South China Morning Post

Self-made women tend to be younger than self-made men

Actress Jessica Chastain talks about strong female film roles and the gender pay gap
Wall Street Journal

Beyonce releases a surprise new album
Entertainment Weekly

Trump says men who care for kids act ‘like the wife’


For women, culturally speaking, there are many obstacles involved. Their families say, ‘What, you’re going to be an artist? Are you crazy? Aren’t you getting married?’ Not only that, I think women artists feel they need to be these perfect creatures—and men don’t.
— Alexandra Lioutikoff, executive vice president for Latin Music at Universal Music Publishing Group, on why there aren't more female Latin musicians