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Elizabeth Warren Fires Off a Tweetstorm on Ted Cruz

Elizabeth Warren Campaigns With Bruce Braley For His Senate Campaign BidElizabeth Warren Campaigns With Bruce Braley For His Senate Campaign Bid
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Photograph by Steve Pope — Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren says she wants Ted Cruz to stop “whining.”

The senator took to Twitter Tuesday night to discuss a fundraising letter that the Republican presidential candidate had emailed out. Cruz’s letter listed all the sacrifices he has had to make in order to run for president. Cruz wrote that he faces “a constant barrage of political and personal attacks” by the media, Hillary Clinton, and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. He also said he has no time to spend with his family, gets very little sleep, and has no personal time.

Warren did not mince words in her attack: “Are you kidding me, Ted Cruz? We’re supposed to pity you because trying to be the leader of the free world is hard?! 2 words: Boo hoo.”

She then turned his own letter on him by talking about the working class and their struggles, saying that they have to make the same sacrifices with a very different pay off.

Ted Cruz’s campaign could not immediately be reached for comment.