The World’s Most Powerful Women: April 18

April 18, 2016, 5:26 AM UTC

Good morning, WMPW readers! The European Union’s top diplomat led a key mission to Iran, designer Victoria Beckham has a new business line, and three women from the University of Connecticut’s basketball team set yet another record. Got some buzz on a powerful woman? Get in touch, at: or @laurascohn. Happy Monday!


Back to Iran

Federica Mogherini, the European Union's top diplomat, led a high-powered visit to Tehran. The visit included seven commissioners—the largest EU delegation in over a decade. While in Tehran, Mogherini said it was crucial that banks from Europe start doing business again in the country. She also said the EU would press Iran on human rights violations, and she criticized Tehran's ballistic missile tests in the wake of last year's nuclear deal. Mogherini was a key player in the talks that produced the recent nuclear agreement with Iran.

Wall Street Journal


An illegal handshake?
In other Iranian news, the nation has barred Minoo Khaleghi, a new female member of parliament, from the governing body for allegedly shaking hands with a man she's not related to. Iran's Islamic law makes such an action illegal. Khaleghi, an environmentalist, has denied the claim. Earlier this year, Khaleghi was among the 14 women elected to Iran's 290-seat legislature.


Makeup like Beckham
Designer Victoria Beckham has a new business: makeup. The former Spice Girl is joining forces with Estée Lauder to create Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder, a new makeup collection likely to launch in September. Since Beckham debuted her high-end fashion label in 2008, her designs have garnered positive reviews.


Not funny anymore
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has given German officials the nod to begin a criminal investigation into comedian Jan Böhmermann, who wrote an off-color poem about the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The move angered free speech supporters in Germany.
Financial Times


Tweeting in China
Twitter has appointed tech veteran Kathy Chen as the new managing director of its Greater China office in Hong Kong. While Twitter has been banned in mainland China for seven years, the company opened a Hong Kong office just over a year ago.
South China Morning Post


Now for the hard part
For Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Myanmar who created the new role of "state counselor" for herself, the road ahead won't be easy. Suu Kyi, who took the title because of a constitutional rule that bars anyone with foreign children from becoming president, still has to deal with the country's military, which has control of several crucial ministries. So while she managed to beat back the military's opposition to her new role, she still has to cope with its presence in the government.


Inching toward impeachment
Embattled Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was hit with another setback. By a vote of 367-137, the country's lower house of congress approved a measure that will move the impeachment process to the Senate, where her odds of prevailing are not good.
Wall Street Journal


Green Google
Rebecca Moore, a Google exec, is using technology to improve the environment. Moore, director of Google Earth, Google Earth Engine, and Google Earth Outreach, says she hopes someday real time data from Earth Engine will provide a "living breathing dashboard for the planet." In the meantime, Google has used sensors on its Street View cars to help the Environmental Defense Fund track methane leaks from pipes found underground.


Hill as heroine
The TV show "Confirmation," which recounts lawyer Anita Hill's role in Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearings in 1991, depicts the challenges of being an American who's both black and female. While the makers of the show—including actress Kerry Washington, who plays Hill—say the film does not take a side, Hill comes out as the heroine.


Scoring a hat trick at the draft
Three women from the University of Connecticut's champion basketball team—Breanna Stewart, Moriah Jefferson and Morgan Tuck—were the top picks in the WNBA draft. It was the first time three players from the same school scored the top consecutive slots.
Sports Illustrated


Hillary Clinton's new ad takes aim at Donald Trump
New York Times

A kickboxing champ just launched a line of sports hijabs

Belgian transport minister Jacqueline Galant resigns over airport security failure

Beyonce posts teaser for Lemonade, dubbed a "world premiere event" on HBO



A lot of vicious things that happen online to women and minorities do happen at the hands of men. But they also happen at the hands of women. Women are not immune to misogyny.
— Monica Lewinsky