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Ex-Heisman Winner Troy Smith Arrested on DUI and Drug Charge

Former pro football quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith was arrested early on Sunday on suspicion of marijuana possession and driving under the influence, police said.

Smith, 31, was pulled over around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday in Westerville, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, according to a police report.

Smith won the Heisman in 2006 as a quarterback at Ohio State University. He played three seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and one with the San Francisco 49ers in 2010. He is now living in Westerville after a brief stint in the Canadian Football League.

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Police said they began to follow Smith’s 2014 Lincoln after officers noted that the car had no front license plate, was awkwardly stopped at a traffic light, and then appeared to be weaving within the lane, the report said.

When the vehicle made a right turn that was too wide, police pulled him over, authorities said.

“Smith said something that sounded like he said he was an officer,” police wrote in the report. “I asked him if he was a police officer, and he said ‘I’m great.'”

The officer said he could smell alcohol and burnt marijuana, the report said.

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After Smith failed a field sobriety test, officers arrested him and searched his car, finding two rolled cigars with marijuana in them inside the center console of the car, the report said.

Smith was charged with operating a vehicle impaired, possession of marijuana, and improper display of license plates. He was booked and then released to his girlfriend.