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These Are the Best April Fools’ Jokes on the Web

It’s April Fools’ day—which means that some of the biggest companies in the world have rounded up their creative teams to think up ways to spoof their customers.

This year has already started off with a bang, but not in a good way for some: Google installed a “mic-drop” button on Gmail, but a number of users said they accidentally clicked it, which led to insulting contacts and losing job opportunities. Google turned it off. Meanwhile China has banned all April Fools jokes, for being inconsistent with socialist values.

For the most part, the other gags that companies and public figures have come up with seem relatively harmless—so we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting April Fools jokes we’ve seen on the Internet today.


The Google Plastic

You’ve been wowed by the Google Cardboard, astounded by the possibilities, and excited over its low cost. But now the tech giant has ascended to a new level with “Google Plastic,” which goes beyond virtual reality on Friday, allowing customers to see the world through a clear pane of plastic.

Google Netherlands also debuted a self-driving bicycle.

Sony’s Proton Pack

Gullible Ghostbusters fans will rejoice when they hear that Sony is developing the worlds first ghost catching device—”designed to capture content from a parallel universe” according to Sony’s video. Oh, it’s also water and slime resistant.

Brexit Leader Says He Wants to Stay in The EU

U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, a vocal proponent of the U.K. leaving the EU, took to Twitter to say he had changed his mind. He promptly sent out a second tweet, “#AprilFools of course!”

Mark Zuckerberg’s H&M Collection

Want to mimic the look of a Silicon Valley CEO? H&M created a look based on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Buyers get seven basic grey T-shirts and one pair of basic jeans. According to the website, it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning, helping people focus on what really matters.

Pornhub is now Cornhub

All the videos on this porn site‘s home page have been replaced with photos of corn. Totally SFW as long as you DON’T CLICK ON ANYTHING ELSE.

Netflix: About John Stamos…

If you happen to watch Netflix today, you can continue watching your most recent show “with John Stamos,” or see something “trending like John Stamos,” or revisit a show “because John Stamos Thinks You Should.”

Funny Or Die Was Taken Over By North Korean President Kim Jong-Un

The comedy website is now controlled by none other than the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, who now authors nearly all articles on the website’s front page, including one titled “My Body Is the Best Body” and another called “I Miss My Dad.

Airbnb Wants Supernatural Folks to Feel At Home in the Sharing Economy

The space-sharing website is now releasing Lairbnb, which allows hobbits, vampires, superheroes, and more to rent spaces that can accommodate their proclivities, for example, skin that burns when in contact with the sun.

Rand Paul Hints at Supporting Donald Trump

Of course the former Republican Presidential candidate fessed up that he’s celebrating April Fools day.

The U.S. Army Has Created a Teleportation Machine

The army announced that it had successfully “teleported” an entire squad from Massachusetts to Germany.

T-Mobile Gets Binge Watching

The phone service company released a contraption known as the BingeOnUp—a headset that’s a cross between Google Glass, a selfie stick, and an adjustable head lamp that allows users to watch TV where ever they wish.

Donald Trump Agreed to a One-on-One Debate With Ted Cruz

The Ted Cruz campaign announced that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had finally agreed to a one-on-one debate with fellow candidate Ted Cruz in a YouTube video … which then devolved into a Rick Roll.

Photoshop’s Ansel-o-matic Feature

Adobe revealed the feature in a video, saying that any photo could turn into a masterpiece akin to those of Ansel Adams.

Virgin America’s Vaguely Sexual New Logo

Call it a labor of love, said Virgin America. Though some users noted that the logo resembled Airbnb’s—or breasts.

Lexus Makes Airbags Obsolete with Velcro

Drivers won’t be in danger of hitting their faces on the dashboard with a seat covered in Velcro—also known as the “variable load coupling rear orientation system.” Is Tapping Into the Hipster Market

Vegan and paleo.

The online travel agency created an airline, “Hipster Air,” tagged with: “If you like it, then we probably won’t.” It features hipster staples such as craft beer, vegan, and paleo dishes, and classless seating: “On-board a Hipster Air flight, there’s only one class—middle. Seats on every aircraft are hand-sourced from flea markets, disused churches, and abandoned hangars, and re-upholstered in the finest twill/denim mix. ”

Lyft Has A Prank Mode

Released in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco, the ride-sharing company has created a feature to help you prank your friends.

Duolingo’s Pillow of Learning Absorption

Ever wish that you could just absorb information by putting your head against a book? Duolingo understands. The language learning website created a $99 pillow that guarantees language fluency “by sunrise.”

Man Crates Labs Wants To Revive Extinct Animals—For Jerky

Ever wanted to try wooly mammoth jerky? Man Crates is working to optimize the taste via genetic testing.

And Something No One Entirely Believes But Might Actually Be True

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife Wendi Deng are dating, if Internet rumors are to be believed. The internet has already dubbed the high-profile (maybe?) couple Pootie-Deng.