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Who Would Win In a Fight—Batman or Superman?

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of JusticeBatman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debuts on March 25, the $250 million production will finally end decades of schoolyard debates over who would win an all-out brawl. But no matter which hero comes out on top, it’s Warner Bros. (TWX) who will claim all the prize money.

The film is expected to generate nearly $350 million in worldwide ticket sales opening weekend, and will kickoff a new slate of 10 DC Comics films scheduled for release into 2020. (Hope you like Aquaman.)

But Batman and Superman are not the only iconic characters brawling for geek cred and box-office records this year. Captain America and Iron Man are also set to battle in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. And there are a lot more superhero movies around the corner.

So we wanted to know who you think would win a fight, before Hollywood mines every comic book argument for release. Vote in our poll below, and tell us who you think would win on Twitter or Facebook.

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