McDonald’s Bringing All-Day Breakfast to Rio Olympics

March 14, 2016, 2:32 PM UTC

McDonald’s is bringing the fast-food restaurant chain’s successful all-day breakfast initiative to the upcoming Rio Olympics.

The restaurant operator is reportedly set to soon unveil plans to open a restaurant in the international zone of Brazil’s Olympic village, The Street claims. The location will feature McDonald’s (MCD) new all-day breakfast platform. It will be the first McDonald’s location in Brazil to sell breakfast at all times.

Specifically, McDonald’s will sell an egg, cheese and bacon sandwich, as well as a local favorite, the pão de queijo.

The Summer Olympics are a massive event, planned for August 5 to August 21 this summer. An estimated 10,500 athletes will participate and more than six million ticket holders are expected to attend. The Paralympic Games are held in Rio in September.

Here in the U.S., sales have increased strongly, benefiting from the October launch of all-day breakfast. The initiative hurt sales at other companies, most notably Jack in the Box (JACK), and led to discounting in the breakfast period.

This story has been updated to include more information from McDonald’s.