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A Trump-Loving Goldman Sachs Employee Has Been Placed on Leave

A Goldman Sachs financial adviser who was recently outed as the only company employee to contribute to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has reportedly been placed on leave.

Luke Thorburn, who works in the bank’s wealth management division, had not received company approval for starting a website that sells hats that mirror Trump’s “Make America Great Again”-emblazoned merchandise, people familiar with the matter told The New York Times.

Thorburn was first mentioned in a recent Times article detailing Trump’s business dealings and reputation in New York City. It was reported that while colleagues contributed to Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio’s campaign, Thorburn was the only staff member of the firm who donated $534.58 to Trump’s campaign, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Subsequently, the Times discovered that Thorburn had started a website parading hats with the phrase “Make Christianity Great Again,” a close reference to Trump’s motto.


Goldman (GS) employees can take up business opportunities outside of the company, but they first must get clearance from the company, which Thorburn reportedly didn’t, according to The Times.

Wall Street has not been particularly warm to Trump over the course of his campaign. He has bashed hedge fund managers—among many others the mogul has insulted—remarking they are “getting away with murder” when it comes to paying their fair share in taxes.

The next round of party polling is on Tuesday, and the latest polls has Trump as the Republican front-runner in 10 of 11 voting states on a critical day known as “Super Tuesday.”