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These Brands Totally Won the Internet With the ‘Damn, Daniel’ Meme

Vans Women's Collection Ambassador CocktailVans Women's Collection Ambassador Cocktail
Pairs of Vans shoesPhotograph by Angela Weiss — Getty Images

A few savvy brands are hopping on the latest meme to sweep the Internet.

Over the last few days, a post featuring a student named Daniel has been making the rounds thanks in large part to the hilarious narrator. “Damn, Daniel,” he says repeatedly. “Back at it again with the white Vans!”

The video clip, which was posted on Twitter by user @josholzz, has exploded since being posted on Feb. 15. Indeed, it’s received over 290,000 retweets and 380,000 likes on the social media platform in a little over a week.

Check out the meme here:

Here are a few of the brands to capitalize on the interest, as first reported by Adweek. They include Axe, Clorox, Denny’s, and of course, Vans.

Interestingly, the meme has even caused the price of Van’s shoes to spike on eBay, according to Quartz.

Other brands that have recently capitalized on viral stories include Pizza Hut making fun of Kanye West’s recent money woes, and Red Lobster, which got a sales boost thanks to Beyonce’s mention of the brand in her latest single.