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Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign Warns of Future With No Cat Videos

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An image of Grumpy CatPhotograph by John Lamparski—Getty Images

The Truth’s latest ad campaign hits pretty close to home.

The anti-smoking initiative recently released a commercial encouraging people to quit smoking in order to save the future of cat videos and prevent what it’s calling #CATmaggedon. The ad shows us a string of various cat videos and superimposes the equation, “Smoking = No Cats = No Cat Videos.” And who would want to live in a world with no cat videos?

Though the complete eradication of cats and cat videos might be somewhat of a stretch, the Truth does have some important facts to share with animal lovers. Its website states that cats are two times as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes. Even if you attempt to do your due diligence by going into a different room, toxic particles from tobacco smoke infiltrate everything in your home. From chairs and couches to your hair and clothes, everything your pet touches is likely tainted. They even get into your pet’s fur, and when the little guy grooms himself he ends up ingesting those toxins.

In addition to its ad campaign, the Truth has teamed up with Petco to educate pet owners about how their bad habit harms their pets.