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KFC Debuting Yet Another New Colonel During the Super Bowl

Current KFC Colonel Norm MacDonald.Current KFC Colonel Norm MacDonald.
Current KFC Colonel Norm MacDonald.Courtesy of Yum Brands

Two Saturday Night Live alums have filled Colonel Harland Sanders bright white shoes to date. Now, will a third SNL-er step into his shoes?

KFC and Colonel Sanders fans will have to wait and see. The friend chicken chain is debuting its newest celebrity face in a spot airing during the Super Bowl pregame as well as during CBS’s livestream, reported Mashable.

Wieden+Kennedy, the Portland-based advertising agency, rebooted the brand’s historic patriarch in May to mixed reactions, according to KFC’s parent Yum! Brands (YUM) CEO Greg Creed. About one in five people aren’t into the new chain’s new mascot, he said.

“I am actually quite happy that 20% hate it, because now they at least have an opinion,” Creed said, according to a Mashable report. “They’re actually talking about KFC.”

Darrell Hammond was the first to put on the iconic white suit before being replaced by fellow SNL alum Norm MacDonald. Each actor only spent a few months in the role before passing off the torch, and this handoff isn’t without the ad’s classic touch of kitsch.


Guesses are floating as to which white male SNL alum could step in next: Dana Carvey? Steve Martin? Or will the brand opt for a less traditional millennial or black Colonel?