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This Is Who CEOs Would Elect President

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In CharlestonGOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Charleston
Republican presidential candidates at the Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate.Photograph by Scott Olson — Getty Images

Chief Executive magazine’s website conducted a survey of its readers to find out the favorite presidential candidate among C-Suite voters.

The January survey is a follow-up to one conducted in August. Donald Trump remains the number one choice, receiving 21.1% of the vote, up from 20.7% in the first poll. Though seemingly impressive, it’s notable that there are seven less candidates now than there were over the summer, and six other candidates have lost significant chunks of support in those five months. The newly available votes seemed to be divided mostly among Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Ted Cruz, who saw their support increase by 342%, 335%, and 265% respectively.

Ben Carson, who was the second favorite candidate in August with 18.1%, fell far behind with just 2.1%. Rubio, who only had 4.3% support in the first poll, is now up at second place with 19%. Cruz comes in third at 12.4%, and Hillary Clinton rings in at fourth with 12%, up from her previous 10.3%.

Jeb Bush, who has seen his poll numbers drop dramatically in the same period, went down from 11.2% in August to 8.1% this month. Bernie Sanders‘ support dropped a bit as well from 3.4% to 1.9%.