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You Can Buy an Abandoned South Dakota Town For $250,000

Swett, South Dakota is a 6.16 acre ghost town that is now up for sale at the low, low price of $250,000.

Swett first went on the market 16 months ago for $399,000 when the previous owner, Lance Benson, lost it in a divorce, the Rapid City Journal reports. It was taken off the market when Benson bought it back, and was then re-listed earlier this month after he lost it to the Nebraska bank that held the mortgage.

Stacie Montgomery, the real estate agent that listed the property, told the Journal that the South Dakota town comes complete with a closed down bar and an empty house rumored to be haunted. In an attempt to make the listing more desirable, aside from dropping the price, the bank cleaned it up by removing a few rotting mobile homes and a deteriorating transport truck, and replacing old town signs that were riddled with bullet holes.

Montgomery says that the original listing garnered a lot of attention. She received offers from production companies considering reality shows, people who wanted to be their own mayor, and even one man from Nebraska who wanted to fill the town with 2,000 Russian women and 600 convicted male felons.

For whatever reason the property was never sold, but Montgomery remains hopeful that the new listing, new price, and newly cleaned up town will encourage viable offers.