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Pay any price you want (even 1¢) for a Slurpee at 7-Eleven on 11/7

November 3, 2015

An illustration of Two, 7-Eleven SlurpeeAn illustration of Two, 7-Eleven Slurpee

Reversing its famous free Slurpee day on July 11 (7/11), 7-Eleven has announced a new promotion for November 7 (11/7): “Name Your Own Price (Slurpee) Day.”

On Saturday, November 7, you can walk into any 7-Eleven, choose any size Slurpee, and name any price you’d like to pay—possibly $0.01 or $100.

Why would you pay $100? According to the chain, all the proceeds are going to Feeding America, a non-profit that serves the 1 in 7 Americans who struggle to get enough to eat. On Charity Navigator, a service that rates charitable organizations based on their efficiency and ability to get help where it’s most needed, Feeding America gets four stars, which is the highest it goes.

There are a ton of different Slurpee flavors if you don’t remember—who knows what will be available with the greater demand of a Slurpee promo—and if you need help deciding what to get Fusion ranked the 10 best.