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Aer Lingus traveller bit another passenger and then died

An Aer Lingus flight taxis at Dublin Airport in Ireland on January 27, 2015. Photograph by Paul Faith — AFP/Getty Images

A 24-year-old traveller on an Aer Lingus flight from Portugal to Ireland reportedly bit a fellow passenger and then died.

The Independent reported Monday that the unnamed passenger died from a seizure, causing the Aer Lingus flight to head to Cork Airport on Sunday.

The publication spoke with John Leonard, a passenger on the flight. “Horrible. I would say a very violent end – to die that way in the back of an aeroplane, it’s not right. It was not very pleasant at all,” he said.

A passenger was reportedly bitten after trying to restrain the unruly traveller.

“After that it got worse I would say, his seizure seemed to get worse. He was actually on the ground shaking violently,” said Leonard in the interview.

A Portuguese woman on the flight was arrested due to drug offense suspicions, although it’s unclear if she has any connection with the deceased passenger.

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