The Broadsheet: October 8th

October 8, 2015, 11:43 AM UTC

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Another female Fortune 500 CEO steps down, the UFC woos women, and we peek inside Hillary Clinton’s inner circle. Have a productive Thursday.


 Carol's curtain call. Just days after DuPont chief Ellen Kullman announced her retirement, another star of Fortune's Most Powerful Women list is ceding her CEO role. After a wildly successful nine-year stint at the helm of TJX Cos, parent company of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, Carol Meyrowitz will move into the role of executive chairman beginning January 31. She's handing the reins to TJX president Ernie Herrman. Fortune


 Hillary turns on trade. In a major break with the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton came out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement between the U.S. and 11 other Pacific nations.  Time

 There's an app for that? Julia Cordray is the creator of Peeple, an app that allows users to rate their fellow humans. Not surprisingly, the announcement of a "Yelp for people" sparked a serious backlash, and now Cordray is claiming that Peeple is a "positivity app" that does not allow users to make negative comments. We'll find out for sure when it launches later this month. LA Times

 Fighting for female viewers. The UFC’s new ad for an upcoming bout between mixed martial arts fighters Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm looks nothing like the usual macho fight promo. Instead, the spot targets a broad coed audience with a touching look at the fighters' lives. And the UFC's bid for mass appeal seems to be working: The event is expected to break attendance records.  Fortune

 When Robbie met Edie. In this moving excerpt from her new book, Then Comes Marriage: United States v. Windsor and the Defeat of DOMA, lawyer Roberta Kaplan describes meeting Thea Spyer and her spouse, Edie Windsor. Windsor would later become Kaplan's client, whose landmark case paved the way for legal gay marriage.  New York Magazine

All sizzle, no steak? The exploration of Carly Fiorina's business track record continues. Interviews with Fiorina's former employees and board members suggest that the former Hewlett-Packard CEO's "vision and marketing talent overshadowed her ability to deliver results." WSJ

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Goldman Sachs' global treasurer, Liz Beshel Robinson, is retiring from the bank. Madelyn Antoncic, former VP and treasurer of the World Bank, is now executive director, Institutional Investment Solutions at Principal Global Investors.


 The Clinton clique. Hillary Clinton's tight circle of aides, gatekeepers and advisors is a "tight-lipped human wall" that protects the candidate but could also prove to be a serious liability, writes Vanity Fair's Sarah Ellison. Vanity Fair

 Discovering Tu's discovery. Tu Youyou, one of three scientists to win this year's Nobel Prize for medicine, discovered a drug that has become part of the standard antimalarial regimen. While Tu started her research back in the 1960s, the public had no idea about her lifesaving achievement until just four years ago. Vox

Calling it. Jessica Mendoza, a former All-American softball star, called the Houston Astros-New York Yankees game this week, becoming the first woman to call a nationally televised MLB playoff. While some trolls made sexist comments about Mendoza on Twitter, plenty of her fans took to social media to show their support. New York Times

 Oprah's aha moment. Oprah Winfrey talks about the rocky launch of her OWN TV cable network, her new seven-part documentary series about faith, and the freedom of her post-talk show life. Variety

 Dynamic duo. The New York Times Magazine has dueling profiles of two musical powerhouses with very different styles. Nicki Minaj, the first woman to be both a massive hip-hop star and successful pop artist, is known for careful control of her image and a willingness to speak her mind in public, while Janet Jackson, who is releasing her 11th album, has a reputation for being shy and press-averse.

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