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One way you’re guaranteed to lose a job offer

Contract. (Photo by: MediaForMedical/UIG via Getty Images)Photograph by Getty Images

A 23 year old man who had recently been hired by a company in St. Charles, Illinois, decided to celebrate the occasion by sending naked pictures of himself to an HR manager, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The manager received the first text message on August 11 followed by a second one on August 13. She contacted local authorities the next day to report the incident.

Michael Ruth, the Elmhurst Police Chief, told the Tribune that the job offer made to this applicant was conditional and, following these inappropriate text messages, Ruth says, “My understanding is that they’ve rescinded the offer of employment.” So, as it turns out, sending naked photos of himself to HR didn’t exactly help clinch the deal.

The applicant claims that it was a mistake. The police report reads: “[Police] contacted the offender who admitted to sending the photographs, explaining they were actually meant for another individual and were sent to the victim in error.”

You know what they say: Sext me once, shame on you. Sext me twice, I’m calling the cops.