Here’s where to work in the 5 best big cities in America

August 17, 2015, 3:18 PM UTC
Pittsburgh, Pa.


Data shows that Pittsburgh has one of the highest non-green driving scores with high CO2 emissions. That hasn't stopped motorists from declaring war on cyclists. Despite several fatal accidents, one bike advocate quoted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says many drivers view bikers as "the equivalent of a moving pothole."
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Money Magazine recently published its list of the 50 best places to live in the U.S. While that list includes everything from small-towns to suburban enclaves, some people desire a more urban lifestyle, so the magazine also included the best big city to live in for five different regions of the country.

The question, though, where should you work once you move there? For that, we rounded up the biggest companies on the Fortune 500 from each of the top five cities on Money’s list. Start editing your resumes:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

This Western Pennsylvania city isn’t called The Steel City for nothing; the highest ranking Fortune 500 company in Pittsburgh is US Steel, which did $17.5 billion in revenue last year. The steel producer, which is in many ways representative of the city’s history, was No. 176 on the Fortune 500 for 2014. Just get ready to see a lot of people wearing black and gold.

Tampa, Florida

If Pittsburgh is a bit too snowy for you, try the warmer climes of Tampa. You can look for a job at WellCare Health Plans, No. 234 on last year’s Fortune 500. The company focuses on government sponsored health plans and brought in $64 million in profits in 2014.

Denver, Colorado

For the mountain lover, moving to Denver is a great bet, given that it’s situated within the Rocky Mountains. The biggest Fortune 500 company there is No. 231 Davita HealthCare Partners, which provides dialysis and other services to patients across the country.

Omaha, Nebraska

This one is easy. The highest ranked company in Omaha is Berkshire Hathaway at No. 4. Berkshire is run by legendary investor Warren Buffett, whose success and identification with the town are so strong that he’s long been referred to as “The Oracle of Omaha.”

Mesa, Arizona

So, there aren’t any Fortune 500 companies in Mesa. But just a short drive away in Phoenix you can work at No. 108 Avnet. This company distributes tech equipment and provides IT support.