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This Is KFC’s Latest Weird Culinary Innovation

KFC Pink BurgerKFC Pink Burger
KFC Pink BurgerCourtesy of Yum! Brands

Get ready for another crazy fast food concoction, though you’ll have to go all the way to China to get this one.

The Yum! Brands-owned Kentucky Fried Chicken is introducing pink and black burgers in it Chinese stores, according to Chinese news site

Both of these strange-colored sandwiches are actually made of chicken meat. There’s the “black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger” and the “rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger,” both of which will sell for the equivalent of $2.80, the site reports.

KFC’s new pink burgers are the latest in a celebrated trend of weird fast foodstuffs from Burger King’s red burger to Pizza Hut’s hot dog crust pizza. Some of these products make it to American shores, others are for foreign audiences (and mouths) only.