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Microsoft’s cool new folding keyboard is now available

Microsoft Foldable KeyboardMicrosoft Foldable Keyboard
Microsoft Foldable KeyboardMicrosoft

The keyboard is perhaps the most pedestrian of computer accessories — besides getting thinner and going wireless, not much has changed about the alpha-numeric input tool since the early days of home computing. Microsoft, though, has just added at least one cool new wrinkle — a keyboard that folds.

Microsoft’s folding keyboard, available Tuesday for $99, folds in half fight down the middle, splitting the space bar in half. It works with any type of device, including Windows, Android, iOS and OS X. It can be paired via Bluetooth with two different devices at once and toggled back and forth via a button at the top of the keyboard.

Plenty of Bluetooth tablets for keyboards exist, of course, but the foldable nature of this one could be a major selling point for people who are on the go.