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How to raise $100,000 in 10 days on Kickstarter

If you’ve got a project you’ve always wanted to get off the ground but you haven’t been able to raise the requisite funds, a Linkedin Insider has the toolbox you need to get the cash flowing via Kickstarter.

Tim Ferris wrote a Linkedin post focusing on Mike Del Ponte, who raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter to launch Soma, a high-tech water filter. How’d Del Ponte do it? By focusing on tactics that “require less work and yield better results.”

Three core principles that Del Ponte and his team used were: 1. The minimum effective dose. 2. Outsource and automate and 3. Prep and pick up.

Read Ferris’ Linkedin post for more details on these principles and information on how to use them to raise money for a project of your own.