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This United flight was delayed because some guy wanted crackers

United Airlines Reports Quarterly Profit Of 140 MillionUnited Airlines Reports Quarterly Profit Of 140 Million

A United Airlines flight from Rome to Chicago was forced to land Saturday because an unruly passenger demanded crackers.

Flight 971 landed in Belfast as a result of the passenger, who was considered a “potential security risk,” United told Business Insider. The emergency landing could cost the airline $550,000 because of spent fuel and passenger accommodations, according to the Telegraph.

The passenger, a 42-year-old male, demanded food just minutes after the flight took off, the Telegraph reports, refusing to sit down as instructed by the flight’s crew. While the crew did ultimately give him crackers to eat, he demanded still more food.

The flyer in question has since been charged with endangering the safety of the aircraft, among other charges.

The other passengers aboard the flight were forced to stay in Belfast overnight.