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Twitter gave everyone a new weapon against trolls

Twitter Goes Public On The New York Stock ExchangeTwitter Goes Public On The New York Stock Exchange

Twitter added the ability to share block lists on Wednesday as it continues to bulk up its abuse reporting tools.

The new feature builds on the list of blocked users Twitter made available in user profiles back in December. Since then, Twitter users have been able to easily view all the accounts they’ve blocked in one single list, and now they can export and share those lists with other users who might need more robust protection from harassment.

Twitter users can make use of the new feature by navigating to their account profile on and finding the export feature in “Advanced Features.” They can then export the whole or partial list in a .csv file to their computer and share it with others.


In February, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo acknowledged in an internal memo to the company that it had not done enough to help users deal with abuse and harassment. Costolo added that Twitter will be increasing its focus on abuse in the future.

While this step could certainly make it easier for Twitter users more susceptible to harassment to quickly protect themselves and prevent abusive tweets, the company still has a long way to go. Because interactions with other users aren’t in the recipient’s control (users can’t delete tweets directed at them), prevention is a challenging area for Twitter.