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How this CEO recharges on the weekend

May 18, 2015, 7:30 PM UTC

MPW Insider is an online community where the biggest names in business and beyond answer timely career and leadership questions. Today’s answer for: What is your Sunday routine? is written by Perry Yeatman, CEO of Perry Yeatman Global Partners.

Between kids, sports, pets, friends, and family, it’s hard to really define my Sunday routine. That’s because no two weekends are ever alike. However, regardless of the circumstances, there are always two things I do to get re-energized for the week ahead: rest and organize.

Before I discuss how I rest, you should know that people often refer to me as the“energizer bunny.” And yes, if I’m honest, it’s true that most days I am moving at about 200 mph. I walk fast. I talk fast. I eat fast. For me, it’s just normal. For those I encounter, there are usually two types of reactions: I’m energizing or I’m exhausting. Regardless of what other folks think of me, I have come to embrace the fact that I have a “high-impact” personality.

But in order to keep up my constant energy during the week, I have to balance it with down time on the weekends. For me, that’s a few hours of doing “nothing”–nothing in my case consists of reading a book, watching a movie, or doing yoga. If I fail to get a few consecutive hours of “down time” during a weekend, I never feel fully recharged the following week. It doesn’t have to be on Sunday–Saturday works fine as well. But I rest up by being largely alone, still, and quiet for a few hours each weekend.

In addition, on Sunday evenings I like to make a list of the most important things I need to accomplish in the coming week–professionally and personally. This helps ensure I am fully prepared for the most important meetings or deadlines. Once I am comfortable dealing with my priorities, I can successfully deal with anything else that might unexpectedly land on my plate. And I’m back to going 200 mph.

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