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Sony is taking advance orders for custom-made earphones that cost $2,500

April 30, 2015

Discreet charm comes at a price.Discreet charm comes at a price.
Discreet charm comes at a price.Courtesy of Sony

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By David Stout @david_m_stout

There are expensive earphones and then there are Sony’s new Just Ear XJE-MH1 earphones.

After unveiling the product late last year, the Japanese tech giant announced that it was taking advance orders this week for the earphones tailor-made to mesh with an individual’s environment, ears and audio tastes.

To optimize the listening experience, the buyer’s individual measurements are taken, allowing the device to fit snugly along the contours of the outer ear. However, the experience does not come cheap.

Rocket News 24 reports that the headphones will sell for approximately $2,500.