This woman’s resume got her Airbnb’s attention right away

April 23, 2015, 2:29 PM UTC
Photo by Bloomberg — Getty Images

One San Francisco resident really wants to work for Airbnb, so she created a resume parroting the website.

Nina Mufleh, who was born in the Middle East, tried applying to work at Airbnb numerous times before. In desperation, she attempted a different tactic: submitting a creative website that highlighted Airbnb’s much-needed growth in Middle Eastern countries, while also illustrating her knowledge of the travel industry.

The resume immediately caught the eye of CEO Brian Chesky as well as a recruiter, who said he’d be in touch with her.

Mufleh even got attention from Queen Noor of Jordan.

According to Business Insider:

Mufleh told Business Insider that she had tried contacting Airbnb for months. While she managed to meet with the company, none of those encounters ever turned into a job offer. Her sister told her she should move on because she had already tried everything.

“I actually thought, I haven’t done everything I can,” Mufleh said. “I’ve done the same thing multiple times, but I haven’t tried new approaches.”

She created a website ( to showcase the resume. Mufleh created sections including “what’s missing,” “why this matters,” “where to start,” “consistent partnership opportunities,” and “why I belong at Airbnb.”

In her own words, she wrote, “I fell in love with Airbnb two years ago. First, as a guest, then as a host, and somewhere in between, I found myself completely enamored by Airbnb’s internal culture.”

Mufleh said she even moved to the U.S. last year “with the hopes of landing a job at the company.”

For the full resume, see here.

(Correction: An earlier headline for this story incorrectly stated she received a job offer already.)