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These are the wackiest April Fool’s pranks so far

April 1, 2015, 1:39 PM UTC

It happens every year — come April 1, companies pull out all the stops to try to trick, fool, and bamboozle any other gullible soul traipsing around the Internet. This year has been no different, with some brands putting out multiple tricks in what seems to be an attempt to look cool.

For now, though, we chuckle. Here are five of the best April Fools pranks brands have pulled off on the web so far:

T-Mobile Pets Unleashed

T-Mobile “announced” a plan to add your pet to your wireless plan for just $5 a month, calling it “Pets Unleashed.” The wireless company did manage to do some good with the prank, though, encouraging people to donate to the Humane Society.

Google goes backwards

If you head over to, you’ll see the entire Google search platform backwards. And when you search, it will turn up backwards too. Not much of a punchline on this one, but it’s kind of cool looking.

The Google “Smartbox”

In a slightly more elaborate prank, Google put out a video on the “Smartbox,” a melding of your physical mailbox with your Gmail account. See the video below:

Galaxy for Chefs

Have you ever looked at your phone and wished it could chop vegetables? Than Samsung’s Galaxy “Blade” prank is for you. Who knows how many tired cooks Samsung fooled with this one.

Domino’s Driverless Deliver

Here’s a prank that could actually come to fruition in a few years — Domino’s prank involves driverless delivery cars for your pizza. This one sounds like a pretty good idea, actually. Maybe it’s Tesla’s mystery project?