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Airbus wins $10 billion aircraft sale to China


Airbus won a $10.2 billion sale in China this week, BloombergBusinessweek reports.

The sale will send 100 single-aisle A320 planes to China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings, a Chinese lessor. The planes will be a mix of existing planes and future models with new engines.

The story notes that sales of planes in Asia are becoming important to manufacturers, as Asia moves closer to overtaking the U.S. as the largest market for aircraft. CALC currently owns no planes from U.S.-based Boeing, Airbus’ main rival.

For the year, Airbus is lagging behind Boeing (BA) in terms of net orders. According to reports from earlier this week, Boeing booked a total of 1,011 plane sales for the first 10 months of the year, while Airbus had just 794.