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Elon Musk gives Nikola Tesla a 158th birthday present

Tesla's Elon Musk.Tesla's Elon Musk.
Tesla's Elon Musk.

Inventor Nikola Tesla got a pretty swell 158th birthday present on Thursday: a reported $1 million donation by fellow innovator Elon Musk toward a new museum on New York’s Long Island.

“$1 million from Elon Musk! And a supercharging station! Thank you, Mr. Musk!!!” wrote Tesla Science Center in a Tweet on Thursday.

The science center is currently being built on a 16-acre site of inventor Tesla’s last laboratory, which is in Shoreham, a village located on Long Island.

In a blog posted by comic website The Oatmeal, the cartoonist reviewed the Tesla Model S, but also requested Musk donate toward the completion of a Tesla museum. Within a few hours of the review, Musk tweeted a response, saying he “would be happy to help,” in a post on May 14, 2014. The Oatmeal said Musk earlier this week promised to donate $1 million to the museum. The Oatmeal has been involved with the campaign to build a Tesla-dedicated museum since 2012, when the comic raised more than $1.3 million on crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

Musk hasn’t yet commented on the donation via Twitter. Tesla Motors, which was founded in 2003 by a group of Silicon Valley engineers, was named after the inventor, according to an archived post from the automaker’s website.