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10 top-paying companies

Physicians at WellStar Health System take home an average base salary of $253,500. See what other Best Companies to Work For offer big paychecks in their most common jobs.

1 WellStar Health System

Average annual base pay: $253,500
For: Physician
Best Companies Rank: 39

At this Atlanta-based hospital system that includes five hospitals and seven urgent care centers, physicians are paid top dollar. And while other employees may not earn a physicians’ salary, they receive plenty of other perks, including personal travel service, subsidized lunch and take-home meals on a daily basis.

2 Bingham McCutchen LLP

Average annual base pay: $22,231
For: Associate
Best Companies Rank: 60

While most other law firms have clamped down on salaries, this Massachusetts firm is bucking the trend. The average annual salary for associates is $222,231, more than $6,000 higher than the previous year’s $216,000 average salary. And while they earn big, the rest of the firm’s employees enjoy a perk that associates don’t get at the firm’s U.S. offices: A day off on their birthday.

3 Cooley LLP

Average annual base pay: $215,861
For: Associate
Best Companies Rank: 100

The law firm known for its technology practice–and counts Facebook as one of its clients–has some of the highest paid associates. And to make life easier for them and their other busy employees, the Palo Alto-based law firm offers plenty of perks from chair massages to dry cleaning service, as well as weekly or monthly continental breakfasts.

4 Perkins Coie

Average annual base pay: $175,787
For: Associate
Best Companies Rank: 41

This Seattle-based law firm has some of the highest paid associates, with average annual salaries at $175,787. That’s more than $10,000 higher than $165,815 the previous year. Other employees enjoy the same perks as associates, including complimentary cab rides home for sick employees and reimbursements for personal hand-held devices.

5 Hilcorp Energy Company

Average annual base pay: $162.980
For: Engineer
Best Companies Rank: 15

They say good engineers aren’t easy to come by in the U.S., and some of the highest paid are working at this Houston-based oil and gas producer. At Hilcorp, the company rewards its other employees when it does well: It promised in 2010 that if it doubles its production rate and reserves by 2015, employees will be rewarded a check of $100,000. Employees hired after June 2011 can participate on a pro-rated basis.

6 Discovery Communications

Average annual base pay: $160,000
For: Executive Producer
Best Companies Rank: 79

The cable network giant and parent of the Discovery Channel produces original programs such as Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs and has some of the highest paid executive producers. And while most other employees may not get paid like some producers, they enjoy the same perks, such as Zumba classes and fitness boot camp classes.

7 Arnold & Porter

Average annual base pay: $160,000
For: Associate
Best Companies Rank: 81

At this Washington DC-based firm, it pays to be an associate. The firm not only compensates its attorneys well, it offers the rest of its staff a nice breather from busy work days: Each month on the first Friday, staff are invited to its “Garden Room” for pizza and refreshment, and the firm other offices host similar events.

8 Devon Energy

Average annual base pay: $158,664
For: Exploration and production professionals
Best Companies Rank: 56

This Oklahoma City-based natural gas and oil producer pays its exploration and production professionals well, but it’s also the other perks make life a little more convenient for the busy employees at Devon. Need a doctor? How about a car wash? Employees won’t have to leave their office for either. Last year, the company opened an on-site medical clinic near the Devon Tower for employees and their families. Also, the company’s 10-floor garage includes a car-wash service where employees can drop off their cars in the morning and pick them up at the end of the workday.

9 EOG Resources

Average annual base pay: $144,166
For: Engineer
Best Companies Rank: 97

Engineers at this Houston, TX-based oil and gas company are some of the highest paid, and they also enjoy other employee benefits such as weekly breakfasts, quarterly luncheons and monthly onsite espressos.

10 Boston Consulting Group

Average annual base pay: $141,017
For: Consultant
Best Companies Rank:

At this Boston-based global management consulting firm, consultants earn a nice paycheck and can also get help for a down payment on a home. The mortgage assistant program is available to all employees, who are eligible to borrow up to 50% of the funds held in their profit sharing retirement fund for the purchase of a primary residence. New hires can receive a loan through the Northern Trust Company of up to $100,000 for a down payment on a home.