Charts: How Apple’s iOS users outspent Android on Christmas day

December 27, 2013, 5:03 PM UTC

FORTUNE — For those who thought IBM’s Black Friday weekend sales report was a fluke — the one that showed Apple (AAPL) iOS users making 4.95 times as many online purchases as Android users, despite a smaller U.S. installed base — IBM has issued its Christmas day follow-up.

Bottom line: The ratio of iOS to Android purchases actually increased, according to IBM, to exactly 5 to 1. 

Having spent most of 2013 obsessing about the rapid rise of Android’s market share, Business Insider put the implications most succinctly:

The growth of Android would suggest developers are going to make the best apps for Android and thus relegate iOS to a second tier platform.

But, if the market share numbers are hollow — that is, if no one is using Android, despite big market share — then it doesn’t matter. Developers will develop for people that actually use the devices, and people that actually spend money on those devices.

There’s three ways for developers to make money: Selling apps, in-app payments, or advertising. People that don’t use apps, or don’t buy stuff through the device aren’t good targets for developers.

Below: The rest of IBM’s Christmas Day findings, presented as pie charts.

Source: IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark. Click to enlarge. 

LINK: Alert: Mobile Traffic and Sales Surge on Christmas Day 2013