iPhones and iPads appear in a goofy China Mobile 4G teaser

November 22, 2013, 1:34 PM UTC

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FORTUNE — If you’re looking to signs that China Mobile (CHL) is getting set to start offering its 740 million subscribers iPhones — and what Apple (AAPL) investor isn’t? — the carrier’s website has been offering some strong hints. Take, for example, the attached promo that shows China Mobile customers communicating with a variety of smartphones and tablets — including Apple’s — on beaches, in beds, at the office.

The text (as translated by Google) reads:

“Want to be a pioneer in 4G LTE experience, enjoy one second to download video, online real-time video calls, real-time HD video surveillance? This is no longer a dream! To between 18 December and 18 January 2013, Shenzhen Mobile will recruit 365 4G LTE open and friendly customer experience across the city, the first network terminal, a full range of business and other fun test! You can be friendly and customers CPE provided by our card in the LTE coverage area free experience or six months on the 4G network. An opportunity not to be missed? Immediately enroll now!”

That 18 January 2013 date is not a typo. Chinese New Year — the country’s big shopping event — falls on Jan. 31 this year.